Agnijata Educational Toys - Tibet Craft Set

Craft set for children, age 9-99, size A4. 

Size of the ready toy 12x8 in

Contains the details of the working model of Tibetan Prayer Wheel. 

To make the Tibetan Prayer Wheel you will need only scissors and paper knife: cut out the details, slit in on the thick lines with the paper knife, fold the details on dotted lines and assemble the parts following the instructions. 

Educational Toys Craft Set This set deepens you into 3D modeling, it develops three-dimensional imagination, helps to prepare your child for further studies of the subjects like geometry, design or architecture.

The process of cutting and assembling 3D paper models develops tactile movements of the fingers and keeps you concentrated, that is really important for the refinement of the brain not only of the children, but of grownups as well.

It is a good project for the family evening, bringing people together

Same time doing it alone is also a good exercise of concentration, exploration and creativity


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