Agnijata Educational Toys - Ganesh Pooja Craft Set

Craft set for children,
age 6-99,
size A4.

the details of the model of Ganesh Temple, with Lord Ganesha and pooja items: bananas, coconuts, lotus flowers and oil lamps.

To make the Ganesh Temple you will need only scissors and paper knife: cut out the details, slit in on the thick lines with the paper knife, fold the details on dotted lines and assemble the parts of a temple following the instructions, cut out Ganesha and place Him inside the Temple, place pooja items in front of Him.

Educational toys - cut outs - help develop tactile movements of the fingers and are very important in refinement of the child’s brain. They are essential tools to develop three-dimensional imagination, preparing the child for further studies in the subjects like geometry and design.

Very simple to make and fantastic to play with and for sure they will make the evenings at home fun, interesting and joyful!

Just cut out, fold and play!

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