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Agnijata educational toys - crafts

Wonderful for school projects!

The aim of AgniJata – Educational Toys is to bring joy and playfulness into the process of education. While cutting out and folding a funny toy a child deepens into 3D-world, gets understanding of shape and volume, develops 3-D imagination and skills in reading the drafts. In the process of the game the child develops the small movements of the hands and fingers that is really important for the refinement of the child’s brain!

The toys are aged from 6 to 99, as there are no time borders for game, joy and happiness!

You can easily make from the plain drawing a funny three-dimensional toy, a house, even an ocean wave or a whale! Create a magic world of fairy tales or play like a small theatre! Very simple to make and fantastic to play with!


Sincerely, AgniJata

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