Agnijata Educational Toys - Africa Craft Set  

Now in the BIG size!

Craft set for children, age 6-99, size A4.

Contains six toys: Hippopotamus, Lion, Crocodile, Zebra, Giraffe, African Elephant.

Welcome to Africa!

You can easily make a funny three-dimensional toy, a house, even an ocean wave or a whale from the plain drawings. Create a magic world of fairy tales or play like a small theatre! These toys help develop tactile movements of the fingers and are very important in refinement of the child’s brain. They are essential tools to develop three-dimensional imagination, preparing the child for further studies in the subjects like geometry and design.

Very simple to make and fantastic to play with and for sure they will make the evenings at home fun, interesting and joyful!

Just cut out, fold and play!

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